issue 17

issue 17

Brian Michael Barbeito – 3 photographs

Daniel Bourne – 3 poems

Jennifer L. Collins – 2 poems

Holly Day – 2 poems

Jonathan Douglas Dowdle – 5 poems

Rich Ives – a poem

Corey Mesler – a poem

John Repp – 3 poems

Emily Strauss – 2 poems

Dear Friends,

When words fail me, I take some solace in knowing there are other voices.
Voices of the young. The sane. The fervent.
Voices that may yet carry us beyond what is present, or at least record it.

This issue is dedicated to they who never fall silent. And to those who have been silenced.

Is this thing on? Test. Test.

Kind Regards,

Raymond Prucher, Editor
Issue 17, May 2018