issue 19

Jenny Adamthwaite – a story
Vince Barry – a story
Jonathan Douglas Dowdle – a poem
Rich Ives – 3 poems
Clyde Kessler – a poem
Edward Lee – 2 poems
DS Maololaí – 4 poems
Ewa Mazierska – a story
Jacob Kobina Ayiah Mensah – 2 poems
Maggie Mortimer – a poem
Carol Smallwood – a poem
John Sweet – a poem

Dear Friends,

Summertime…and the living.

As per usual, our authors have several mouthfuls to say this month, sometimes beneath and between, sometimes right there in your face. I have laughed. I have winced. I have wondered. I have worried.

What will our readers think? Whose list will I be on, now? Well, think you will, whatever you will, and whoever’s keeping those lists, if there are, indeed, any…to you, the raspberries. Thbbbt!

Happy reading.

Kind Regards,

Raymond Prucher, Editor
Issue 19, June 2019