Changming Yuan

Caging vs Birding
    I am a cage, in search of a bird. — Kafka

Wherever my mind         flies,  it  is    still
Tightly to this  world,  this  very  cage  of
Sensory & imaginative            c  e  l  l  s

In other words,            I is  the  cage,  while
       The whole universe          am  a   bird

Yuan Changming is an 11-time Pushcart nominee, and has published numerous chapbooks, including the most recent LIMERENCE. His work has appeared in Best of the Best Canadian Poetry (2008–17), BestNewPoemsOnline and others, and he has served on the jury for Canada’s 44th National Magazine Awards (poetry category). Yuan lives in Vancouver, Canada, where he edits Poetry Pacific with Allen Yuan.