issue 11

Gale Acuff – 4 poems

William C. Blome – flash fiction

Howie Good – 2 poems

Nels Hanson – a poem

R.W. Haynes – 4 poems

Steve Klepetar – a poem

Craig Kurtz – a poem

Rebecca Meredith – 6 drawings

Richard Murphy – a poem

Phil Tabakow – a poem


editor’s desk

Dear Friends,

When I started whimperbang in 2003, I didn’t know what I was getting into. Striking out blind is sometimes the best of journeys, leading us to open fields through narrow passages, around harrowing corners and into undiscovered museum wings. I wanted whimperbang to be a place of discovery, and a comfort at the end of a long week. And it was, until it was not, and then it was shelved.

Seven years on, here it has been taken down, dusted off. The world has changed, and not. I wish to reclaim some of the discovery and comfort, but more, I wish for whimperbang to be a forum, a town hall and a brand iron.

For the first month after reopening submissions, I was skeptical we’d find either authors or audience. But, given time and word of mouth, the authors and artists have found us. They’ve much to say, and I’m proud to be providing their voices a podium.

Raymond Prucher, Editor
Issue 11, May 2015