issue 12

Hania Ansari – interactive illustration

CL Bledsoe and Michael Gushue – a poem

Janet Buck – a poem

Chris Dungey – fiction

Trina Gaynon – 2 poems

Marguerite Harrold – 3 poems

Seth Jani – a poem

Steven Klepetar – 2 poems

Corey Mesler – 2 poems

Richard King Perkins II – a poem

John Repp – a poem


editor’s desk

Dear Friends,

The summer has passed at last and the chill of autumn has been rolling through the windows at midnight. The world has grown darker with each morning’s newspaper while the refugees drown and nations cast lots to decide who will take credit. How many idle barges mooring off shore while they clutch at the rubber detritus of their rafts? There will be no more sunrises for too many, and I oft enough wonder about meaning and where I should stand, and with whom.

I would like to dedicate this issue to the countless Syrians and others sleeping on the station floors and sidewalks of the world.

Raymond Prucher, Editor
Issue 12, September 2015