issue 21

William Crawford – photographs
Nigel Ford – a poem
Saloni Kaul – 2 poems
George Payne – a poem
Thomas Piekarski – 2 poems
Yash Sayedbagheri – a poem
Owen Schalk – a story
Ian C. Smith – a poem
Cat Wyatt – a story

Dear Friends,

They say hindsight is…Okay, you’ve heard this one already. History doomed to repeat itself, unless we learn from it, which we inevitably do not.

Is this the human condition?

This issue, a common thread i see in nearly all the work is epiphany. Finding meaning. Gaining fresh perspectives. Making connections.

We are but a month or so into a new year and new decade, if we wish to measure beginnings and endings by phases of moon and sun. The more seasons I turn here, the more cyclical, perpetual and predictable it all seems. But epiphany still resounds.

What’s this year to bring? Are we driving towards something or away from it? A lot out of focus. Future unclear. Consult the magic 8-ball. Ouija. Tarot.

Or just keep your eyes peeled, ears pricked, mind sharp. Like stars in our sky, all the dots are there.

The constellations, ours to invent.

Kind Regards,

Raymond Prucher, Editor
Issue 21, February 2020